Dear, Colleagues and friends,

It is with great pleasure to welcome all of you to the first annual international meeting of the Egyptian Society for Continuous Ophthalmic Education (EGSCOE). This meeting is a special and unique event for all attendees to network; learn sophisticated pearls and new scientific advancements from the latest studies and updates or simply from other colleagues’ valuable experience in Ophthalmic practice.

The organizing committee has prepared a tremendous program organized by youth ophthalmologists. The program involves symposia, guest lectures, interesting cases and video presentations beside highly valuable instruction courses. We are confident that all of you will enrich your practice through the knowledge that is presented here. This year we have reputable international guests with great interests in youth education. We look forward to meeting you all of you at the second international EGSCOE meeting on 17,18 Jan 2019.

Gehad El Nahri

Secertary General
Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman

In Alphabetical Order

Scientific Committee :

  • Dr. Ahmed Reda Awadein
  • Dr. Ahmad Nassef
  • Dr. Essam ElTokhy
  • Dr. Hassan Eisa El Swify
  • Dr. Omar barrada
  • Dr. Yehia Salah

Young Ophthalmologists organizing Committee :

  • Dr. Abdelnasser Ahmed
  • Dr. Ahmed Amer
  • Dr. Asmaa Galal
  • Dr. Ghada Basuoney
  • Dr. Mina Maged
  • Dr. Samar Shoier


Mohamed Ahmed El Sada

Honorary president

Gehad El Nahri


Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman

Secertary General

 National & International Guest Speakers
In Alphabetical Order

 The Scientific Program EGSCOE
In Alphabetical & Talk Orders

08:00AM-06:00PM Registration
09:00- 09:20 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • Dr. Mohamed El Sada
  • Dr. Gehad El Nahri
  • Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman
09:25- 10:25 AM Phacoemulsification Essentials Chairpersons
  • Dr. Hatem Ammar
  • Dr. Hosam ELZembely
  • Dr. Mostafa El Helw
  • Dr. Yehia Salah
Dr. Hatem Ammar Phacodynamics
Dr. Yehia Salah Basic Technique
Dr. Mostafa El Helw Prevention and Management of Complications
10:30- 11:30 AM Panoramic Review and Updates Chairperson Dr. Amr Salah
Dr. Charbel Fahd Refractive Surgery (American University, Beirut)
Dr. Daoud Fahd Cornea (American University, Beirut)
Dr. Nabil Jabbour Retina (West Virginia University, USA).
  • Dr. Nabil Jabbour
  • Jean Fahd IT
EHR & Mobile Interactive Summary in a Click
11:30AM- 12:00PM   Coffee Break
12:00- 01:30 PM High Tech Ophthalmology Chairperson
  • Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman
  • Dr. Mohamed Salah El din Zaatar
Dr. Jeffery Marx Ergonomics
Dr. Jeffery Marx Patient Satisfaction
Dr. Gregory R. Blaha
Dr. Jeffery Marx 3D vitrectomy Upright Visualization System
Dr. Gregory R. Blaha
Dr. Paul Cotran Endoscopic Cyclophotoablation and Cypass Glaucoma Shunt: Indications, Techniques, and Outcomes.
Dr. Sarkis Sukiasian Evolution of Endothelial Keratoplasty, Is DMEK the way to go ?
01:30- 02:00 PM Opening Ceremony
02:00- 03:20 PM The Pediatric World Chairpersons
  • Dr. Ahmed Awadein
  • Dr. Dina Hossam
  • Dr. Mohamed El Sada
  • Dr. Rasha Zedan
Dr. Mohamed El Sada Anterior Segment Reconstruction in Pediatric Age
Dr. Rasha Zedan Accommodative Esotropia
Dr. Dina Hossam Intermittent Exotropia
Dr. Ahmed Awadein Qs and As
03:20- 04:10 PM   Lunch
04:10- 05:10 PM Oculoplastic Treasures Chairpersons
  • Dr. Kareem Bakr
  • Dr. Rana Ahmed
  • Dr. Rania Abdel Salam
Dr. Kareem Bakr Maldirected Lashes
Dr. Rania Abdel Salam Managing Lid Trauma
Dr. Rana Ahmed Abdel Watery Eye Assessment
05:15- 06:30 PM Practice Management Pearls Chairpersons
  • Dr. Essam Eltoukhy
  • Dr. Hosam ELZembely
  • Dr. Raafat Yousef
  • Dr. Tarek M Eid
Dr. Essam Eltoukhy How to be A RICH Ophthalmologist ?
Dr. Hosam ELZembely The Art and Science of People Management
Dr. Raafat Yousef Art and Science of Body Language
Dr. Tarek M Eid Patient-Doctor Relationship
Instruction Courses
03:30- 04:30 PM Microsurgical skills & IT
  1. Microsurgical Skills and Techniques
    [Custom-Designed Approach for Treatment with Algorithms]
04:30- 06:00 PM Strabismus Journey, let’s start Moderators
  • Dr. Ibrahim El Adawi
  • Dr. Mahmoud Rageh
Dr. Amro Salah Starting your Strabismus Practice
Dr. Ghada Basuoney Glasses, When & Why?
Dr. Mahmoud Rageh Amblyopia. Causes & Treatment
Dr. Ibrahim El Adawi Diplopia. How to Manage?
Dr. Asmaa Galal Lid Behavior may Solve the Problem
08:30AM-07:00PM Registration
09:00- 10:00 AM AL Fardous Hospital Heroes Case Presentation by Ophthalmic Residents
10:00- 11:00 AM The Magic World of the Retina Chairpersons Dr. Amr Azab
Dr. Ahmed El Sawy Practical Anayomy
Dr. Omar Barrada Scleral Buckle
  • Dr. Ahmed El Sawy
  • Dr. Wael Oweiss
Dr. Omar Barrada Diabetic Retinopathy
Dr. Ahmed Abdelazim AMD
11:00- 12:00 PM Glaucoma Nowadays Chairpersons
  • Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman
  • Dr. Taha Labib
  • Dr. Tarek AboulNasr
  • Dr. Tarek Shaarawy
Dr. Taha Labib Target IOP
Dr. Tarek Shaarawy Glaucoma Surgery: the paradigm shift
Dr. Tarek AboulNasr Targeting Model Trabeculectomy.
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman Glaucoma SMSs.
12:00- 01:00 PM   Gomaa Prayer & Coffee break
01:00- 02:00 PM Neuro-Ophthalmology Secrets Chairpersons
  • Dr. Essam El-Matbouly
  • Dr. Gehad El Nahri
  • Dr. Sherif Kamel
Dr. Gehad El Nahri Evaluation of a neuro-ophthalmic case
Dr. Essam EL-Matbouly Optic Disc Swelling
Dr. Sherif Kamel Case Presentation
02:00- 03:00 PM Cornea Miracles. Chairperson
  • Dr. Hesham Fathallah
  • Dr. Sherif Eissa
  • Dr. Tarek Katamesh
Dr. Tarek Katamesh Principles of Lamellar Corneal Surgery
Dr. Hesham Fathallah Femtolaser Assisted ALTK
Dr. Sherif Eissa Decision Making in Keratoconus
03:00- 04:00 PM   Lunch
04:00- 04:30 PM NOVARTIS Symposium
04:30- 05:15 PM Ophthalmology Today Chairperson Dr. Ayman EL-Shiaty
Nermeen Ayaad Cataract
Karim Gaballah Refractive
Rana Hussein Glaucoma
05:15- 07:00 PM Best of the Best (Videos & Talks) Chairpersons
  • Dr. Abdel Aziz Aly Saad
  • Dr. Mohamed Hassaballa
Dr. Aasem Zahran Anticipation of Difficulties in Smile Procedure
Dr. Ahmed M Saeed Taking Femtocataract to more than Expected
Dr. Reham Shabana New indication for Mobile Phone Camera!
Dr. Reem Fathallah Congenital Insensitivity to Pain
Dr. Huda El Nahas Tiny Signs Could be the Clue.
Dr. Eiman Abd ElLatif Saving a Uveitis Patient’s Life.
Dr. Ayman El Nahri TB Continued
Dr. Ramy Awad Oh my GOD. What have I done ?
Dr. Yasmine Meqdad Optic Disc Lesion. A Diagnostic Predicament
Dr. Mina Nader Traumatic Proptosis
Dr. Mohamed Behery Oculomotor Apraxia. (MIOR, Young Ophthalmologists Club)
Dr. Wesam Shams Eldeen A Rare Lid Mass
Dr. Ghada Askar Congenital Cranial Dysinnervation Disorders
Dr. Nader Momtaz A New Treatment Option for Ligneous Conjunctivitis
07:00- 07:15 PM Best Presentations Awards
Instruction Courses
10:00- 11:00 AM Scientific Writing.
  • Dr. Amanne Esmael
  • Dr. Iman Magdy
  • Dr. Riham Allam
01:00- 02:00 PM Uveitis Workshop
  • Dr. Eiman Abd ElLatif
  • Dr. Maha Youssef
02:00- 03:00 PM Glaucoma Monitoring
  • Dr. Amr Samir
  • Dr. Hassan Eisa El Swify
04:00- 05:00 PM Neuro-Ophthalmology Examination
  • Dr. Ahmad Nassef
  • Dr. Mai Sharawy


Accommodation & Registration


  • Single Room / Night (B/B)          180$
  • Double Room / Night (B/B)          200$


  • Congress bag - meeting documentation
  • Admission to the Scientific Sessions
    and the exhibition & Certificates & Lunch          220$

The First Annual Meeting of the Egyptian Society
for Continuous Ophthalmic Education(EGSCOE).

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